The ten districts Barcelona are:


1. Ciutat Vella. It is the historic city center . Corresponds to the territorial area of old Barcelona , to the gradual annexation of the adjacent towns during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries . It brings together the neighborhoods of El Raval , Gothic Quarter , Palaus Antics (consisting unofficial neighborhoods of Sant Pere , Santa Caterina , Born and Ribera) and Barceloneta .

2 . Eixample . Existing plain occupies the eighteenth century between the old (Old Town ) and the former independent villas Sants , Gràcia and Sant Andreu de Palomar . Your planning is characterized by a grid of intersecting streets in sections of one hundred meters designed by Ildefonso Cerdá Catalan urban planner . It brings together the neighborhoods of Sant Antoni , New Left Eixample Eixample Left Antigua (the latter two form a unit known as the Eixample Left ) , Right of the Eixample , Sagrada Familia and the Fort Pienc .

3 . Sants -Montjuïc . It brings together the neighborhoods of La Marina del Prat Vermell , The Marina del Port , La Font de la Guatlla , Poble Sec, Hostafrancs , the Bordeta , Sants and Sants- Badal (better known as Badal ) . Montjuic and Zona Franca, neighborhoods are not by themselves, but are special areas of the district.

4 . Les Corts . It brings together the neighborhoods of Las Corts Pedralbes and Maternitat i Sant Ramon (better known as San Ramon) .

5 . Sarria- Sant Gervasi . Clumps neighborhoods Sarria Sant Gervasi - Galvany ( just Galvany ) , Sant Gervasi - La Bonanova (or simply The Bonanova ) , Putxet i Farró (better known as The Putxet ), Les Tres Torres and Vallvidrera - Tibidabo - Les Planes. The districts of Sant Gervasi - Galvany and Sant Gervasi - La Bonanova , constitute the former town of Sant Gervasi de Cassoles .

6. Gracia. It brings together the old villa de Gràcia , and the neighborhoods of Camp de Grassot i Gràcia Nova , La Salut , El Coll , Vallcarca i Els Penitents ( which includes the two districts of the same name ) .

7 . Horta -Guinardó . Horta brings together neighborhoods , The Clot , the Vall d' Hebron , the Montbau , Sant Genis Agudells dels , the Teixonera , the Carmel , the Font d'en Fargas , Can Baró , the Guinardó and Baix Guinardó .

8 . Nou Barris . Clumps Vallbona neighborhoods , Ciutat Meridiana, Torre Baró , Canyelles , Roquetas them , Trinitat Nova , Can Peguera , Guineueta , the Verdum , the Prosperitat the Peira Turo , Porta and Vilapicina - Llobeta Tower (which in actually encompasses neighborhoods and Tower Vilapicina Llobeta ) .

9. San Andrés . It brings together the neighborhoods of Sant Andreu del Palomar , La Sagrera Trinitat Vella , Baró de Viver , the Congres i els Indians ( better known as the Congres ) , and Bon Pastor Navas .

10 . Sant Martí . Clumps of Sant Marti neighborhood Provensals , The Clot, The Camp de l' Arpa del Clot , the Verneda i Pau, the Fort Pienc , Poblenou , Parc Poblenou i Llacuna the Olympic Village in Poblenou , Provensals els of Poblenou , the Besòs Maresme, Diagonal Mar and Poblenou Front Maritim (which includes the district of Diagonal Mar).

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